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Start here indicates a good first choice.

Some other good places to buy books and videotapes, software, and teaching materials. There are many books not listed in my Web site, if you find something good let me know!

"How-to" books, videos, and information

Looking for training in ABA or discrete trial teaching? Try the Training and Education listings for workshops, internships, and college programs.

More listings:


Recorded material (tapes, discs, videos)

Workshops and other training services

rethink autism, 646-257-2919, info@rethinkautism.com, is a web-based autism treatment platform for parents and professionals [that enables you to] -Create an individualized treatment program for you child. -Learn to teach using ABA -Hundreds of step by step video lessons -Ensure treatment effectiveness with automated progress tracking -Online support from trained professionals Our mission is offering parents and professionals immediate access to effective and affordable Applied Behavior Analysis-based treatment tools for the growing population affected by autism spectrum disorders.

World Wide Web

Language development

See also the Materials section for many sources of books and software


Start here See the "How to" section, almost all the general texts include a lot of beginning language curriculum


Social skills, play, theory of mind

Books and program guides

Contains curriculum indicates books which contain curriculum to meet specific IEP social goals.

Other media, software, teaching materials

World Wide Web

Academic, self-help, activities of daily living, emotional regulation

Increasing wanted, and reducing unwanted behaviors

Most unwanted behaviors are addressed through a combination of removing reinforcement (extinction), and teaching more desirable replacement behaviors, techniques which are covered in all the "how-to" books.


Don't underestimate the importance of sports, arts, and other recreational activities for a child or adult of any age. There are many wonderful adaptive programs - this is just a small sampling.

Materials, instructional resources and curriculum, software

Teaching materials

Curriculum (teaching programs, educational software, tapes, CDs, DVDs)

See also the MouseTrial Autism Software Database

Program management and organization

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