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I do not collect, sell, or otherwise distribute personal or identifying information.


A cookie is a file on your computer, used by your Web browser to store information about specific Web sites - for example, the date and time you last visited the site. All Web browsers give you a way to examine, delete, or block (prevent creation of) cookies.

Many documents in this Web site use Google Analytics to provide statistics on site traffic - number of visitors, length of time on the site, and so on. That information is collected using first-party cookies created on your computer. The cookies will be listed as being from the domain rsaffran.tripod.com. For details, please see http://www.morevisibility.com/analyticsblog/from-__utma-to-__utmz-google-analytics-cookies.html

Other Web pages, linked from this site but not part of it, may also create cookies on your computer.

Personal information (including email and Web browser data)

None of the pages in this site asks for any personal information, except of course for the "Add listing" used by businesses and professionals.

I publish selected email messages with all identifying information removed, unless the author requests otherwise.

Email addresses (and any other information) are never sold or given to anyone.

This Web site's hosting service, lycos.com, keeps a log (text files) of all files requested from this site. The records contain the "Internet Protocol Address" of the requesting Internet Service Provider but not any information that could identify the specific computer you are using. For example, if you are using AOL.com, there will be a record that some computer belonging to AOL requested pages from this site, but nothing that might identify the specific AOL user (you).

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